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New Flat Roofing Options

For years flat roofs were covered with a rollout tar paper that was simply nailed down. Used by many flat roofers Schaumburg, It was fast and inexpensive. Newer options have now been developed.  While slightly more expensive they are highly effective. Here are three:

Modified Bitumen is a single-ply rolled out roofing impregnated with mineral-based wear then sealed by heated adhesives. There is also a peel-and-stick roofing system preferred by many flat roofers Lincolnshire.

Built-up roofs are similar to the traditional hot-tar bucket method of mopping on one layer of hot tar over rolled-out tar paper.  New built-up flat roofing Wheeling systems have several layers of waterproof material covered with hot tar and smooth stones.

Rubber Membrane Roofing is a single-ply material that is engineered to resist sun damage. It can be mechanically anchored with fasteners then ballasted with stone or glue.

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